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Comedy as a lifestyle this week on the program. Jeff Garlin is the co-star of Curb Your Enthusiasm among many other projects and says that his top priority is to become kinder and wiser every day. Next, Paul Provenza is the host of the show Green Room on Showtime and says comedy is more than jokes or written material – it's a mindset.

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Errol Morris – director of documentaries such as The Thin Blue Line and Fog of War – talks about his new film Tabloid, and the power of his non-confrontational interview style. Plus, Morris' future film collaborator Ira Glass talks about the power of narrative in his own documentary work on This American Life

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Simon Pegg talks about nerds' epic climb up the social ladder -- from schoolyard runts to mainstream successes. His new memoir is called Nerd Do Well. Plus, stand up comedy from dork enthusiast Jackie Kashian and picks from our favorite geeks over at the AV Club. 

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A Tribe Called Quest is one of actor Michael Rapaport's favorite groups. He decides, rather than feverishly waiting for Tribe to release a new album, that he'll film a documentary about them. Rapaport is surprised to find deep conflict between the group of longtime friends. Plus, Malcom Ingram celebrates the gay subculture of large, hirsut gentlemen known as "bears in his documentary Bear Nation.

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