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John Mulaney & Dana Gould This week, two masters of the joke. Comedian Dana Gould who, after a stint as a writer and producer on The Simpsons, is back with a new special. Plus young upstart John Mulaney who has scored his first Comedy Central special at age 26.
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Live At Bumbershoot This week on The Sound of Young America, comedy group Human Giant, graphic artist Chip Kidd, cartoonist and illutrator Adrian Tomine, plus music from PWRFL Power and Rhett Miller. All live from the stage at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival in Seattle.
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Steven Johnson & FreeDarko

Steven Johnson's new book The Invention of Air uses the story of the guy who discovered oxygen to look at where information revolutions come from... and speaking of revolutionaries, the folks behind the basketball blog Free Darko talk about why they think our greatest American is eccentric hoops star Gilbert Arenas.

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Jeffrey Tambor & Whitest Kids U'Know Distinguished actor Jeffrey Tambor is our guest this week talking about his San Francisco roots and his roles on The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development. Plus an interview with the sketch comedy group Whitest Kids U Know.
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