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A show on how to get work done, whether through David Rakoff's constructive pessimism or the more headlong approach of cartoonist Lynda Barry. Plus, an exclusive stand up set from Maria Bamford. 

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We explore the business side of the hip-hop world -- from small-time street hustling to multi-billion dollar industry -- with author Dan Charnas. Plus a sampling of some current hip-hop offerings from blogger Noz. And why you should give Craig Rowin one million dollars. 

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We're pushing to the edge this week. Chris Morris finds a way to humanize mass-murderers in Four Lions, his new comedy about a homegrown terror cell. Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, talks about why it was important to address death, and why that's OK for kids to see. Plus, a news update from the Kasper Hauser comedy group.

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Greg Mottola, the director of the new concept comedy Paul, is also known for a quality teen comedy in Superbad and moody character-driven film in Adventureland. Plus we talk to the SNL cast member and Paul ensemble member Bill Hader. And Phil Collins on the song that changed his life. 

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