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Ben Folds / Kids In The Hall

Our 2008 interviews with these pop culture big shots. Ben Folds has a new album coming out in collaboration with author Nick Hornby called Lonely Avenue. The Kids In The Hall's new television show Death Comes To Town has just reached American airwaves on IFC. 

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Jon Glaser / Mary Roach / God & Moses



An out of this world episode. Mary Roach talks about the unspeakable side of space travel. Her funny new book is called Packing For Mars. Also, an interview Jon Glaser, who's written for Conan O'Brien and Dana Carvey among others. His show Delocator is entering its second season on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Plus, Prince finds his way into the Ten Commandements courtesy of comedy writer Simon Rich. 



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Hanson & Devo

Hanson is known for their mega-hit MMMBop but less known for the decade long recording career they've maintained since then. Their new album is called Shout It Out. Art and performance rock act Devo is best known for a mega-hit of its own, Whip It. Their newest album was constructed using Internet focus groups and is called Something For Everybody. 

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Jim Lehrer & Walter Mosley

Jim Lehrer is the host and executive editor of the PBS Newshour. He’s also the author of 20 novels, the latest of which is called Super.  Walter Mosley has penned 34 novels and his latest is Known To Evil. We also listen in to a confrontation between Batman and the Riddler, a comedy sketch written by Sarah Gee. 

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Live from the Calgary Folk Festival

We're northbound for the Calgary Folk Festival. Interviews with Corb Lund, a native Albertan country singer and indie songstress Annie Clark, who performs as St Vincent. Plus, the song that changed Roberta Flack's life.

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