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Kevin Kline & Taika Waititi

This show was taped in Park City, Utah during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Kevin Kline has been in countless films and holds the distinction of having won an Oscar for a comedic role in A Fish Called Wanda. He spoke with Jesse after the premier of his new film The Extra Man. Taika Waititi's first feature film is Eagle Vs. Shark. Jesse spoke with him after the premier of his new film Boy. The star of Boy, James Rolleston, joined them.

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Samantha Bee / AV Club / Comedy from Nick Adams

This week on The Sound of Young America an interview with Daily Show correspondant Samantha Bee about her new memoir-ish book "I Know I Am But What Are You?" Plus pop culture picks from the AV Club and comedy from Nick Adams. 

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Jose James, Colson Whitehead & Jordan Ranks America

Jazz singer Jose James has two new albums out -- the soul & hip-hop influenced Blackmagic plus a collection of standards titled For All We Know. Colson Whitehead's new novel Sag Harbor is a semi-biographical account of summer with an understated narrative. Plus, Jordan's latest rankings of America. 

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Rob Corddry, Matt Walsh & Ian Roberts

Rob Corddry is best known as a long-time correspondent for The Daily Show. His new show Children’s Hospital begins its run on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim this month. Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts are co-founders of the Upright Citizens Bridgade. Their show Players returns to Spike TV this month. Plus comedy from Superego. 

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