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Bilal / Flying Lotus

Exploring the future of soul. Singer Bilal has a new album out called Airtight's Revenge. Producer Flying Lotus' most recent LP is Cosmogramma. His new EP is called Patter+Grid World.

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John Waters / Jonathan Ames / Kasper Hauser News

The weird and wonderful. John Waters has a new book out called Role Models that packs a few surprises -- chief among them the influence of Johnny Mathis. Also, novelist Jonathan Ames tells the story of watching his own show -- HBO's Bored To Death -- at a fan's house because he had no television. Plus, a news update from Kasper Hauser. 

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Henry Winkler / Donal Logue / Brain Teasers

Henry Winkler is of course best known from his starring role as the Fonz on Happy Days. He's been busy since then, appearing on oddball comedy shwos like Arrested Development and most recently Children's Hospital. Donal Logue may be known to children of the 90s as Jimmy the cab driver, who hopelessly commented on pop culture between videos on MTV. He also has starred in cult films such as Tao of Steve, and is now on the new FX series Terriers. Plus, Brain Teasers written by Simon Rich and performed by Rob Huebel. 

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Elijah Wood / It's Always Sunny / AV Club

An interview with actor Elijah Wood that spans his debut in a Paul Abdul video to his newest movie The Romantics out this month. Plus a conversation with Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton from the FX comedy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Finally, the AV Club provides their September culture picks. 

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