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Sal Santana is the son of Carlos Santana. His debut album is a fusion of rock, hip-hop, electronica and soul called Keyboard City. Loudon Wainwright III is a folk singer, humorist and actor. His new album High Wide & Handsome is a tribute to the work of Charlie Pool.

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Au Revoire Simone & The Language of Things This week we plunge into a world of aesthetics with the curator of London's Design Museum and an all-female, all-keyboard band from Brooklyn who scour thrift stores and pawn shops for the perfect vintage sounds. Plus a nun fight, so that's pretty amazing.
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Jane Espenson, Gahan Wilson & The AV Club Television writer Jane Espenson has been involved in numerous shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica. She's an executive producer for the new Battlestar prequel series Caprica. Gahan Wilson is a legendary cartoonist whose light macabre style has been seen prominently in Playboy and the New York. Plus, hear from the AV Club about some films out now on DVD that you may have missed in theaters.
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Aziz Ansari, Elna Baker & Hugh Moore This week: fresh faces. Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari has a new comedy special called Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening. Elna Baker has a new memoir on being single and Mormon in the Big Apple. Plus live stand up from Hugh Moore.
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Marc Maron & Armando Iannucci On the show this week are two satirists. First Armando Iannucci – the unknown great behind classic British comedies such as The Day Today and I’m Alan Partdrige. His new film In The Loop is on its way to DVD. Plus comedy great Marc Maron. His newest CD is called Final Engagement.
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