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This week, two nudging the bruises that make creativity come out. Jeanne Darst talks about her new memoir on growing up in a literary family that spent more time drinking than writing. She kicks the booze to become more productive, and more creative. Plus a candid conversation with Marc Maron -- a poster child for turning pain into creativity. And don't forget to listen to the completely painless Jordan Ranks America!

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Believe it or not, Rin Tin Tin blew people's minds in the silent film days. He jumped tall fences, climbed trees, and even acted. This week, a conversation with author Susan Orlean about the iconic German Shepherd's iconic life, and how it reflected Americans' relationship with their own dogs. Plus, the news with Kasper Hauser.

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Bootsy Collins – the greatest funk bassist of all time – talks about playing with James Brown, doing LSD on stage, quitting and/or being fired from the JB's, joining up with the Parliament-Funkadelic collective, and his own amazing solo career. Plus, the TV Editors at the AV Club pick the new shows that are worth your time this Fall. 

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Taking swings at a creative lifestyle. Jonathan Coulton went from software engineer to successful musician. His new – and first proper -- album was produced by They Might Be Giant's John Flansburgh. One of Coulton's collaborators John Roderick tells us about the song that got him to take his swing at the guitar – Gimme All Your Lovin'. And after taking creative swings at acting throughout her 20s and 30s, Jane Lynch gets her first hit at 40.

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