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Two guys who are putting together the comedy puzzle this week. First Demetri Martin, who pieces together one-liners, palindromes and flow-charts to form his body of work. Then a conversation with Scot Armstrong, who wrote The Hangover Part 2 – a film whose characters slowly puts together pieces from the night before. 

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Ray Romano and Mike Royce are the co-creators of Men Of A Certain Age, a funny and dramatic show about staring down the barrel of one's fifth decade. Find out how the show is a reflection of both hit sitcom writers' own lives. Plus great new picks from the AV Club. 

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Prodigy is one of the father's of hardcore hip-hop. As a teenager in the early 1990s he and his partner

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Mark Oppenheimer talks about growing up in a culture of debate and Julie Krausner on dating faux sensitive types. Plus, Jordan Ranks America once again and Donald Glover delivers comedy about that one time his teacher farted. High minded topics this week on The Sound of Young America.

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Werner Herzog approaches his new documentary about the earliest cave paintings not as "an accountant of facts", but as "a poet". Phil Rosenthal talks about translating his show Everybody Loves Raymond for Russian audiences in his documentary Exporting Raymond. Plus, Jordan tells America how it stacks up.

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