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Al Madrigal & Brent Weinbach There's odd standup comedy, and then there's standup comedy so odd it gets you banned from a network late night show... after you've already taped your appearance. Comedian Brent Weinbach is my guest this week. Plus, comedian Al Madrigal talks about the odd encounters he's had after firing over a thousand people from their jobs.
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Live in San Francisco Jello Biafra, the punk rocker who ran for mayor of San Francisco on the platform that businessmen dress in clown suits; State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano talks about the gay liberation movement of the 70s, and the queer comedy movement of the 80s; plus, comedy from Sean Cullen and music from Zion-I.
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Rob Siegel & Jon Friedman

Rob Siegel wrote last year's critically-acclaimed The Wrestler, and his new film Big Fan starring Patton Oswalt explores a different fringe society -- sports fandom. Plus, scraping the bottom of the barrel with Jon Friedman, host of the Rejection Show.

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Greg Kot & Chris Anderson Hear why the price of ideas is trending towards ‘free’ from Chris Anderson, the editor of WIRED  We’ll talk about what that means for people who make their living creating thoughts. Plus, hear from Sound Opinions’ Greg Kot on how this all plays out in the music industry and Coyle & Sharpe chime in with their own idea of ‘free’.
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Charlyne Yi & Paul Rust There's a new generation of comic actors driven by the inspired silliness of Steve Martin and Pee-Wee Herman. On the show this week, Jesse will talk with two of them, Paul Rust and Charlyne Yi.
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