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Legendary singers entering new worlds. Mavis Staples reflects on her 50 year career and recent collaborations. Daryl Hall talks about the foundations of Hall & Oates, plus his new web series inviting musicians to jam in his home. Plus, Chuck Brown shares the song that helped him to invent the Go Go genre.

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John Hodgman guest hosts for an exploration of universes. Yes, that's plural. how many universes are there? It's one of several questions that astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson DOESN'T have the answer to, but Tyson wants us to love the questions themselves. 

And while Tyson counts universes, George R. R. Martin has created one. He's the author of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the basis for the new HBO series A Game of Thrones. Martin discusses his transformation from a science fiction and fantasy fan into a creator, and the effect that hardcore fantasy fans can have on the final product. 

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What's the use in going retro? This week, two interviews explore that question. First Nicolas Winding Refn talks about his new film Drive, a moody thriller that combines elements of fairy tale, noir, 80s pop and 70s grit. Then, Simon Reynolds talks about his new book Retromania, which delves into why pop culture is addicted to its own past.

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Exploring different views of the past, present and future. First an interview with music journalist Dave Tompkins on the vocoder -- the past's vision of the future. Then, the up to date trends of the present when Jordan Ranks America. Science fiction author William Gibson examines the present for its futuristic ideas. Finally, Coyle & Sharpe convince bystanders in 1960s San Francisco of some hare-brained futuristic ideas of their own.

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