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Legendary singers entering new worlds. Mavis Staples reflects on her 50 year career and recent collaborations. Daryl Hall talks about the foundations of Hall & Oates, plus his new web series inviting musicians to jam in his home. Plus, Chuck Brown shares the song that helped him to invent the Go Go genre. 

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Comedy with a sweet, if vulgar tone. First up, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, creators of the new IFC sketch comedy show Portlandia. Then Adam Reed, co-creator of Sealab 2021. His current project is the animated spy comedy Archer on FX. Plus comedy from sketch group Cream and Jordan Ranks America.  

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Exploring the future of soul. Singer Bilal has a new album out called Airtight's Revenge. Producer Flying Lotus' most recent LP is Cosmogramma. His recent EP is called Patter+Grid World. Plus SuperEgo's vision of a late night request line. 

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Three ways of getting a laugh, whether it's the confrontional style of Bill Burr, the bizaare sweetness of Kristen Schaal, or the way Greg Behrendt tears down his former idol. 

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A show on how to get work done whether through David Rakoff's constructive pessimism or the more headlong approach of cartoonist Lynda Barry. Plus, an exclusive stand up set from Maria Bamford. 

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