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SxSW 2010: Lemmy & The Bill Hicks Story

The second show from this year's South By Southwest festival delves into the lives of two outsiders who have new biopics: Bill Hicks and Lemmy. First, a conversation about Hicks with Matt Harlock and Steve Hicks the director of American and the brother of its subject respectively. Then, Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver, the creators of the new Lemmy biopic. Finally, the man himself, Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

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SxSW 2010: David Gordon Green & Bear Nation

The first of two shows from the South By Southwest Film Conference and festival. David Gordon Green is the writer and director of the acclaimed drama George Washington but has recently transitioned into lighter fare such as Pineapple Express. Malcom Ingram is the director of the heart warming film Bear Nation. It explores the gay subculture in which larger, hairier gentlemen are not only accepted, but desired. 

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Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts & Karen Kilgariff

An interview with Upright Citizen's Brigade co-founders Matt Walsh & Ian Roberts. Their new show on Spike TV is called Players. Plus comedy from Karen Kilgariff and the singing duo God's Pottery.

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Luis Guzman

Character actor Luiz Guzman currently appears in the HBO series How To Make It In America. He's also been in one out of every four movies you probably see. Plus, news from comedy group Kasper Hauser and some of March's overlooked pop culture gems as decided by the AV Club. 

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