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Standup and sketch comedy hand-selected by the staff at The Sound of Young America. This year's edition features emerging standup Hannibal Burress, Parks & Recreation's Aziz Ansari, material from MTV's legendary sketch comedy group The State, and much, much more. Just the kind of curated comedy you can expect from The Sound of Young America 

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This week, the metal-est public radio holiday special ever.  Murder and arson in Norway's black metal scene and some holiday music from metal god Rob Halford of Judas Priest. It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Every year, dozens of public radio specials flood the marketplace. Only one has the slightly skewed, slightly sweet vision of The Sound of Young America. Interviews with Christmas legend Ronnie Spector (the sweet) and B-52s frontman Fred Schneider (the skewed). It's the only holiday special where you can hear Schneider's signature bellow delivering a heartening mid-winter message: "GIVE... ME... PRESENTS!" 

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The man himself. A conversation with radio and television personality Adam Carolla. He's perhaps best known as the former co-host of the radio program Loveline and the television program The Man Show. After having replaced Howard Stern on morning radio in several markets for a short time, he's gone independent with his own daily podcast. Plus comedy from Holly Mills and Karen Kilgariff. 

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