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Kasper Hauser


This week on The Sound of Young America, a full hour with San Francisco comedy group Kasper Hauser. Their newest books are Weddings of The Times and Obama’s Blackberry


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Adam Carolla

The man himself. A conversation with radio and television personality Adam Carolla. He's perhaps best known as the former co-host of the radio program Loveline and the television program The Man Show. After having replaced Howard Stern on morning radio in several markets for a short time, he's gone independent with his own daily podcast. Plus comedy from Holly Mills and Karen Kilgariff. 

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Jim Lehrer & Walter Mosley

Jim Lehrer is the host and executive editor of the PBS Newshour. He?s also the author of 20 novels, the latest of which is called Super. Walter Mosley has penned 34 novels and his latest is Known To Evil. We also listen in to a confrontation between Batman and the Riddler, a comedy sketch written by Sarah Gee.

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Donald Glover & Mark Duplass

This week is about relying on yourself. Comic actor and writer Donald Glover is part of the sketch group Derrick Comedy, who recently produced the film Mystery Team entirely by themselves. Mark Duplass and his brother Jay started out making short comedy videos and moved on to feature length films like 2005's The Puffy Chair. Mark can currently be seen in the FX series The League

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Wisenheimer & Julie Krausner

Mark Oppenheimer talks about growing up in a culture of debate and Julie Krausner on dating faux sensitive types. Plus, Jordan Ranks America once again and Donald Glover delivers comedy about that one time his teacher farted. High minded topics this week on The Sound of Young America. 

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