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Live in Chicago 2007 Live from the stage of Second City in Chicago. Recorded in 2007 with Steve Albini, Hannibal Buress, and more.
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Ian MacKaye & Alex Patsavas Ian MacKaye is central to the world of D.C. punk just as Alex Patsavas is central to the world of film and TV music supervisors. Plus Jordan Morris' Power Rankings of America!

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Steven Johnson & FreeDarko Steven Johnson's book The Invention of Air uses the story of the guy who discovered oxygen to look at where information revolutions come from... and speaking of revolutionaries, the folks behind the basketball blog Free Darko talk about why they think our greatest American is eccentric hoops star Gilbert Arenas.
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Nick Hornby & The Sartorialist Nick Hornby's newest book is Juliet Naked. He also is the screenwriter of the new film An Education. The Sartorialist is a fashion blog of daily street photography. Plus, we hear from the AV Club guys on the month's best stuff in the pop culture.
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Sarah Vowell & Mikita Brottman Sarah Vowell's recent book The Wordy Shipmates is now in paperback. Mikita Brottman makes the case that reading isn't so much useless as it is overrated.
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